Welcome to Rollin Records

Welcome to Rollin Records

Welcome to Rollin RecordsWelcome to Rollin Records

The Record Label


About Us

Rollin Records is a non profit making label which is dedicated to releasing recordings from artists involved in the R&B, Rock N Roll and Rockabilly genres. All song publishing is retained by the artists, as if they've written it, then they should get the money! The reason for starting the label was down to the band Hi-Voltage. The first time I saw them, was on a wet Sunday afternoon in October, up at the Hemsby weekender. The performance they turned in that day was nothing short of spectacular. Four encores followed, and the compare was booed for not allowing them to do a fifth! I'd never seen anything like it, and those that were there would probably agree.

The first release was their EP 'Four For The Floor", followed by the album 'Rockin Dance Floor Hits'. 


Vinyl 45s

Then came the first of the 45s, which was Paul Paterson's "I Got It Hard". Paul was the guitarist in Hi-Voltage, and he'd taken time out to record some solo stuff. The single was this amazing blues bopper, where the drums didn't kick in for two and half minutes, but when they did it just motored!

Paul's 45 set a precedent,, but it's been followed by some equally fantastic recordings by The Excellos, Hi-Voltage, The Frantix, Chris Farlowe, Dollar Bill, and everyone else who's ever recorded for us. I'm not just saying that either!


Continued Success

Since the release of Danny 'O' & The Peningtons 45, the first 75 copies are always pressed on coloured vinyl with a picture sleeve, of which 50 are numbered. The un-numbered ones are given to the artist(s), to distribute amongst friends and fans alike! There were some sporadic colour vinyl issues prior to this, but none were ever issued with a picture sleeve. 

Finally, we live in hope that one day independent labels like ours will get a shot at radio play on the likes of Radio 2. We won't give up trying, as we owe it to the artists and the great recordings they keep coming up with.